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What is Eagles Nest Online?

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Why we need Eagles Nest Online?

  • As secretaries, we have a hard time managing both our daily work and our The Fraternal Order of Eagles - Philippine Eagles documentations. Our Eagles Nest Online will help you sort out and remember things that are necessary for our club and organizations. 
  • Missing documents and files are sometimes very hard to find in a short time. Our Eagles Nest Online will provide essential needs for your club in times in emergency GMM and EXECOM. 
  • Question and Answer, a lot of us ask questions and do positive debate verbally without proper documentation and records. Our Eagles Nest Online has a forum that helps each Officers and Eagle Members to answer those critical questions and understand the need of each Eagles Club, Regional and National. 
  •  Who am I? A lot of Eagle Members do not know what is their status and who are they in the club and where they are from. To minimize confusion and 'colorum' members, the Eagles Nest Online will help them address these kinds of issues. Especially from a multi-member Kuya from different Eagles Club. The system will give him/her all the updates from multi-clubs with just one click. 
  •  In time of Pandemic, most meetups are done online. Eagles Nest Online provides online video meetings.

Why we have Eagles Nest Online?

We need a management system tool that will help us simplify the life of every Eagle Member in every club. This Management System is a Learning Management System customized to handle large organizations. The system is proven and tested for decades. Eagles Nest Online users must be committed to doing things with heart and soul. To make this world a better place to be, And when the storms of life are raging, Let us help mankind to see and put back in the track in fast action by what we learned before that were recorded in the system. I am an Eagle, Doing all I can, To ease the pain, to lessen ills, to lend a hand, to lessen the burden of Eagle Member Management so that we can give more time to our family and friends. The Eagles legacy must be easily and smoothly passed on to our new Eagles without experiencing the repeating burdens. Mabuhay and Agila! 

Agila Digital System

by Philippine Eagles -

Agila Digital System

To all Governors, please register Agila Digital System from the referral link given from the National. 
To all Presidents, please register Agila Digital System from the referral link given from the Governor.
To all Club Members and Applicants, please register from the referral link given from your Club President.
Dual/Multi Member (coming soon)


by Philippine Eagles -

Article 4 Section 1
E - Enlightened and innovative humanitarians
A - Animated primarily by a strong bond of brotherhood and fraternal ties
G - God-loving, non-sectarian
L - Law – abiding, liberty-oriented, non-political
E - Emblazed with intense mission of
S - Service to country, its people and its community

Sec. 1 - Chartered Eagles Club in good standing shall have and enjoy the same rights and privileges under this Magna Carta.
Sec. 2 - Membership to any duly chartered Eagles Club shall be protected. Such membership, although voluntary, shall be perpetually fraternal.
Sec. 3 - No Eagles shall be expelled from his club for any reason whatever. In case of any momentary irreconcilable conflict or difference with his club, with his fellow Eagles, or with the Philippine Eagles, he may be allowed to take a sporting gesture of leave of absence. He may promptly reactivate such membership upon cessation or resolution of such conflict or difference.
Sec-3a Sanction to erring club members. Any erring club members may be SUSPENDED or EXPELLED or meted out appropriate sanctions by his club for any act which it may deem inimical, harmful or prejudicial to the interest of the club or to the Philippine Eagles.
Sec. 4 - Every Eagle shall have the right to choose his club chapter.
Sec. 5 - Every Eagle shall freely and openly express his views and opinions but his divergent views and opinions shall always yield to the view of majority.
Sec. 1 - Every Eagles Club shall have the obligation to keep its membership ALWAYS in good standing.
Sec. 2 - Every Eagles Club shall be committed to undertake annually at least one (1) community project that shall be beneficial to the community.
Sec. 3 - Every Eagle shall be fraternally committed to help his brother Eagle.
Sec. 4 - Every Eagle shall have and develop a strong faith and belief in and adherence to his club and to the Philippine Eagles.
Sec. 5 - As a fraternal organization, no conflict or difference shall remain permanent among Eagles, their Clubs and the Philippine Eagles.
Every Eagle shall adhere to this positive thinking and belief.

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